I was born in 1959 and grew up in the village Beita in the Nablus area. From the age of 19 I worked for the Palestinian Organization of the Government. Over the years, I have travelled among many countries, such as Iraq, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon, on behalf of the organization.

Three times I went to Jordan to carry out terrorist attacks on the Israeli border. On the third time I was caught in Jordan and spent six months in Jordanian prison. When I was released, I moved to Syria, and spent a year of intensive training in preparation for a planned attack in Israel.

In August 1980, before returning to Palestine, I met with Abu Jihad in Beirut, Lebanon, where I was equipped with a large amount of weapons that were supposed to be used for the attack. When I arrived in Palestine, I was caught and imprisoned for six years in an Israeli prison.

At the outbreak of the first intifada, a group of youths entered the village of Beita with an armed guide. The villagers threw stones at them, and in response the guide fired in all directions. I went to speak to him, in Hebrew. I tried to persuade him to take down the weapon so that the masses of people who had gathered around the boys   would not hurt him and the boys. As I spoke to him, my brother smuggled the boys to his house to protect them from the crowd. The guide refused to listen to me, and pointed the gun at me. While I turned to go away he shot me in the stomach and the leg, from close range.

I had a hard recovery during a year in a hospital and recovery center; I lost the ability to move my right leg, but I survived. During this year I have had many thoughts about the Palestinian people's way of liberating themselves from the occupation. I understood that the violent way leads us to a heavy loss. People are killed, wounded, being in jail; thousands of Palestinians remain disabled. This is certainly not the right way to achieve our goal.

When I returned back to the village, my brother's son introduced me to a group of people from Combatant for peace. We started talking, and since then, for five years now, I have been with them. I go among my acquaintances, among the surrounding villages, trying to talk to as many people as possible and to explain the path of Combatants for Peace - the non-violent way to achieving peace. I do what I can to sweep as many people as possible, making them to believe in this way and join us in the struggle. There is no other solution but to make peace between the two peoples.

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