I’m M.M, I am against violence in any form because violence produces violence.

My grandmother was seven months pregnant with my father, when grandfather decided to find a better opportunity in Colombia.  He left his pregnant wife and the whole family and went to find better life and peace far from his homeland.  

My father was born while he was still in Colombia. In 1967   father was chased away with his mother and the whole village by Israeli troops but then they let them return. My father turned 20 and got married.  I was born a few years later, and still, grandfather and my father didn’t see each other.

 Years later, my father was enlisted to one of the Palestinian organizations and got a good leadership position.  We witnessed hard times of Israeli troops shooting and arresting people, damaging complete houses and breaking people’s bones.  At this stage, my father and his comrades became more violent and active in political and military actions   and this increased the danger around them more and more. I used to wake up in the middle of the night on the sound of father’s comrades knocking our door asking him to go for a mission; this became our nightmare of worries and fear. Mom’s tears and fears are still in my eyes and ears.

 Many days and nights were passed and the phone call was the only string between the father and the son – my father and my grandfather.  They had never met.

I was 12 years old when my father was stabbed to death in the 1st intifada by Palestinian hands simply because he opposed them. They used violence against occupation but then they used the same violence against their comrade in a shameful way. Violence will not differentiate between an enemy and a friend but will take them both under its wheels.

 I found Combatant for Peace a suitable environment to fight for liberation through nonviolence resistance and existence on the land, following the path of Mandela and Gandhi side by side with our friends from all over the world who support our cause and freedom.

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