My name is Noa Harel. I am a veterinarian, living in Tel Aviv and a mother of three daughters. I come from a family that is mostly politically oriented to the left. Some members of the family were and still are politicians and left-wing activists.

Until December of 2016, I had hardly participated in political activity or peace activities. Despite my left-wing views, I was very disappointed by the left-wing parties and the left-wing public that I thought was passive, defeatist, and mostly good at complaining. In this situation, I avoided even defining myself politically. In my opinion, the State of Israel has been in a state of social and moral deterioration, and nothing can be done about it.


In December 2016, the film "Disturbing the Peace" was published by Combatants for Peace. My aunt invited me to join her to watch the film. I had no idea what they were talking about, or who were "Combatants for Peace"

 Watching the movie was a jaw-dropping experience for me. I did not know that there was another way, a way of dialogue between people   from the community, not from the leadership - and here came a bunch of people who actually crossed the lines, and did it. The intensity of the experience was of "my life: before and after."


From that moment on, it was clear to me that I had to join, act and participate. There is no option to continue to be passive, and there is a way that is right for me. Since then I have been active in the Combatants for Peace movement - in meetings with Palestinians, in activities with children, in various protest and solidarity activities, and more. It is not always easy. There are dilemmas - moral and others. But here I am, committed to this nonviolent way, for ending the occupation and   for a better future for all of us.

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